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Chile's minister, industrial fleet discuss flaws in cuttlefish trawling ban

The law 'doesn't solve any of the problems it was meant to,' says minister.

Chile’s Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism Jose Ramon Valente held a meeting with workers in the country's industrial fishing sector to discuss a new law banning midwater trawling for jumbo cuttlefish (Dosidicus gigas), reports The Times of Chile.

The law, approved in February, is expected to be enforced beginning in August, could end all midwater trawling and result in industrial companies, which hold 20 percent of the quota for the species, having to cease operations.

The measure has already led to hundreds of layoffs in the country.

"There have been unfair job losses after a law, which we never supported as a government, was approved, a law which did not solve anything that it was meant to,” said Valente.

“That’s why we are willing to launch a new project tackling the flaws of this law.”

Fuente: Intrafish

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